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Sakamaki D-101

  • Accommodates class sizes of approximately 30+ students.
  • 14 sliding opaque panels, white boards and walls to be used as writing surfaces.
  • Interactive board and additional technology available.

These innovative classrooms were designed for technology that utilizes “BYOD” (bring your own device) which allows you to bring your own device to connect to the rooms AV (audio/video) options. These unique collaborative spaces are dedicated to scheduling academic courses. They’re not available for other academic events or activities. Mahalo!

Room and Media Equipment Specifications

Room Size55' x 23'
Seating Capacity35
COVID Seating Capacity13
Maximum OccupancyTBD
Seating TypeVarious
Lighting TypeFluorescent on dimmers
Window TreatmentShades
Writing SurfaceMarkerboard–16 - 45" Sliding panes
Air ConditioningYes
Flooring TreatmentCarpet
Internet AccessEthernet, Wireless
DisplayInteractive Display – 80" (2), 46" HDTVs, (WXGA – 1280 x 800 native)
Projection Screen80" Interactive Display
Video Sources
Other Equipment
Auxiliary Inputs/Outputs
PA System
Wireless Mic Receiver
Assistive Listening SystemYes
Equipment Instructions
CommentsRevised 3/8/21

A committee will be assigning rooms in the Sakamaki Innovation Zone according to a configuration of factors. Two kinds of examples would be the number of students registered, and specific innovative practices. For more details, please visit our Submitting Proposals page.

D-101 Testimonials

Room Trouble?

Open M–F 8:00 am–4:30 pm.
Closed on weekends and state holidays.

Call 808-956-6978 for immediate help.

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Airplay passwords can be viewed using your Google account here.

Please Note: Photographs and videos of D101, D102, and D103 show a variety of different spacial arrangements and during various semesters, may be modified from what appears in any given photograph or video.