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Webster 101 Collaborative Classroom


  • Enhances community building
  • Emphasizes student interaction
  • Enables the instructor to facilitate active learning
  • Supports media-rich content
  • Functions as a learning laboratory
  • Encourages peer instruction and project-based learning

Room Specs

  • Capacity: 64 students
  • 8 tables, each with a monitor and a panel for students to connect their own technology, and seating for 8 students.
  • Writing surfaces located along all wall surfaces for students’ use
  • There is a technology podium from which instructors and students can make presentations.
  • Webcam (Polycom USB: camera/mic/speaker)

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Webster 101 Room Proposals to Be Accepted at a Later Date

The Webster 101 Collaborative Classroom proposals will be accepted at a later date pending room A/V upgrades.

Student Engagement

By providing opportunities for student engagement and community building, the logistics of Webster 101 support collaborative teaching practices. Students are able to meet in small groups at the conference tables which positions the instructor in a facilitator role. The positionality and transfer from a teacher-centered aesthetic, to a student centered one allows opportunities to be more actively engaged in their learning.

Students are able to connect their own mobile devices to the large monitors at the end of each of the conference tables. This allows students to share and discuss content using devices they are familiar with, as well as observe others using technology. A secondary benefit of using this room is a general improvement in technology literacy for all of the students. In addition, the media and monitors at the individual tables may be shared with the rest of the classroom, which allows all students access to the same content.

Room Trouble?

Open M–F 8:00 am–4:30 pm.
Closed on weekends and state holidays.

Call 808-956-6978 for immediate help.

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