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CIS Graphics Media Design is now

OFDAS Graphics

OFDAS Graphics plans and produces a wide range of visual instructional and informational materials, using state-of-the-art, Macintosh-based graphics technology for faculty and staff.

Products & Services

Our services include the creation and graphics file production of:

Charts and Graphs
Illustrations, Maps, & Diagrams
Books & Publications
Digital Presentations
Exhibit, Poster, Signage, & Conference Displays
Graphic Design Production, Support, & Consultation

In addition to producing graphic design, Graphics offers UH Mānoa departments and offices consultation services related to design and graphics-related computer technology.


Graphics’ services are available to faculty and staff members of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. See also “Service Priorities” section below. Students, including graduate students, as well as clients not employed by the University of Hawaiʻi or by the UH Board of Regents are not eligible for Graphics services.

Limitations on Services

Since Graphics is unable to charge back for materials consumed or other costs incurred in providing services to clients, Graphics reserves the right to establish limits on the amount as well as the complexity of work that can be performed for an individual client. This policy will be applied to ensure equitable access by all OFDAS clients. Additional factors may also limit services.

Purchases for Outside Services/Buyouts

All buyouts (services purchased from off-campus vendors), such as printing, image setting, film processing, mounting, etc., will be the client’s responsibility, i.e., the client’s department must issue payment directly to the vendor. Graphics will assist in writing specifications, soliciting prices, and act as liaison between vendor and client.

Service Priorities

Services will be provided according to the following priorities:

  1. Materials produced primarily for direct instructional use with students in a classroom or laboratory setting; materials produced for OFDAS programs and events.
  2. Materials produced primarily for other purposes but will also be used for direct instructional use with students in a classroom or laboratory setting.
  3. Materials produced for UHM related business but not used for instruction.

Multiple Copies of Materials

OFDAS Graphics will provide camera ready originals and/or electronic files, and the client is responsible for any duplication needs. Graphics will not produce multiple copies of graphic materials.

Clients in need of small-batch printing or duplication services may inquire with Campus Center Graphics.

Consultation and Support Services

Art file
General Graphics and Art File Production
  • Assist in troubleshooting or enhancing graphic design and files
  • Assist in locating specialized graphics services not provided by OFDAS
  • Assist in purchasing special graphics materials
Print Specifications
  • Assist in writing print specifications for print production (digital or off-set)
  • Assist in soliciting competitive bids for printing jobs
  • Serve as liaison between clients and vendors (print, signage, etc.)
Instructional and Presentation Graphics
  • Assist in preparing educational materials from digital files
  • Assist in developing computer and digital-related presentation methods for coursework
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Need large format printing, campus signage, or other graphic design services not offered by OFDAS Graphics? Contact Campus Center Graphics