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The mission of the Office of Faculty Development and Academic Support (OFDAS) is to provide instructional and professional development activities and services for UHM faculty and academic staff.

In addition, OFDAS provides opportunities for faculty members to participate in an array of instructional and curriculum development activities to improve teaching and learning on the Mānoa campus. All OFDAS activities and services are available to full-time tenure track, full-time non-tenure track, adjunct, and part-time faculty.

OFDAS is the entity of the following units:

  1. Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)
  2. Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP)

CTE and FMP are actively engaged in providing support in the areas of teaching, assessment, and instructional technology. While each of the functional units have distinct foci, they work in collaboration within OFDAS to respond to faculty requests and needs. A third OFDAS unit, the Center for Studies of Multicultural Higher Education (CESOMHE) has been unofficially decommissioned due to lack of funding and loss of positions. Consequently, some of the multicultural and diversity aspects of teaching and learning have been integrated with CTE activities and other department programs.

We are located on the ground floor of Kuykendall Hall.

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