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SIZ Course Proposals & Submission Dates

The SIZ committee will be assigning rooms in the Sakamaki Innovation Zone according to a configuration of factors. Two kinds of examples would be the number of students registered, and specific innovative practices.

To teach in these exciting new classroom spaces:

  1. Review the D-101D-102 & D-103 pages and the Room Policies on this website to understand what features are available in the rooms. Feel free to walk over and look through the windows on the first floor.
  2. Submit a proposal by the deadline.
  3. Be agreeable to a brief orientation to the room and agile technology.
  4. Be agreeable to arranging with a CTE consultant a possible 50-minute observation of a class period. This is not to assess your teaching and learning, but how and whether the space serves innovative classroom practices.
  5. Willing to accept occasional VIP* visit to your space during class period, following an email notification. *VIPs may include: Hawai‘i State Legislators who fund Mānoa capital improvement projects including innovative classroom spaces, architects & designers working on campus projects, and academics & administrators from other universities & campuses.
  6. The Mānoa Room Scheduler will be assigning rooms to all faculty as usual. If a course is selected to be taught in Sakamaki Innovation Zone, the Classroom Committee will inform them that the course has been confirmed for one of the Sakamaki rooms and the faculty relinquishes their general use classroom in favor of Sakamaki.

These spaces are designed for classroom use and are not available for other academic events such as conferences, meetings or workshops.

Proposal Submission Dates

Fall & Summer Sessions 2024Midnight on Sunday, March 3, 2024
Faculty will be notified of selections 2 weeks after the submission period. Late submissions are welcome on a space-available basis. Questions? Email


Faculty are required to attend a 30-minute orientation prior to room usage.

If you have questions regarding this space or you would like to schedule an orientation, please email us at