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SIZ Room Policies

The Sakamaki innovative classrooms are available for fall and spring semesters, and summer sessions. Space and technology have been developed for innovative and agile teaching and learning experiences. Sakamaki D-101D-102 and D-103 are unlike any other Mānoa classroom spaces.

All rooms are BYOD (bring your own device).


Faculty assigned to their space are responsible for the room during their class time. This includes doors, windows, walls, writing surfaces, and leaving the room secure and in good condition at the end of each class.

  1. Doors and windows must be closed and locked when you leave the room. Please remember: The A/C turns off when a window is unlatched and will not turn back on until all windows and latches are secured. Key cards are to be checked out each semester at the Center for Instructional Support (CIS) in Kuykendall Hall room 103.
  2. Verify all students are out of the room before securing the doors. Do NOT allow waiting students to enter the room before their professor arrives.
  3. No eating or drinking in the Zone! You may encourage your students to eat and drink in the courtyard.
  4. Rubbish cans are located outside the rooms so that no trash remains in the classroom.
  5. Please leave the room clean for your colleagues.

Please Note: A/C turns off if a window latch is open. It will not turn back on until all latches are closed.

Writing Surfaces

Rooms feature sliding opaque glass panels and walls to write on. D-101 has white boards on back of monitor screens at each credenza.

Specific non-permanent markers, erasers, wiping cloths and white board cleaner spray bottles are located in the slide-out credenza top or inside the credenza doors. These supplies are provided by facilities.

Wall writing requires end of class clean up with spray and micro cloths.

In room D-101, do NOT use the SMART interactive board as a marker board.

Security & Key Cards

Doors and windows must be closed and latched when you leave the room.

Key cards are to be checked out each semester at OFDAS Center for Teaching Excellence in Kuykendall Hall room 107. Please see the Media Services Manager.

Do not loan out key cards. System tracks entry dates & times for each card.

Proximity sensor turns on lights upon entry and shuts off 20 minutes after vacated.


The Mānoa Room Scheduler will be assigning rooms to all faculty as usual. If a course is selected to be taught in Sakamaki Innovation Zone, the Classroom Committee will inform them that the course has been confirmed for one of the Sakamaki rooms and the faculty relinquishes their general use classroom in favor of Sakamaki.


These spaces are designed for classroom use and are not available for other academic events such as conferences, meetings or workshops.


Attending a half-hour orientation is required for final approval for a course. Orientations are scheduled during faculty duty week. Contact the OFDAS media manager to schedule an orientation.