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Sakamaki D-102

  • Sakamaki D-102 accommodates class sizes from 15-18 students
  • Compatible with laptop connections to AV (audio/video)

These innovative classrooms were designed for technology that utilizes “BYOD” (bring your own device) which allows you to bring your own device to connect to the rooms AV (audio/video) options. These unique collaborative spaces are dedicated to scheduling academic courses. They’re not available for other academic events or activities. Mahalo!

Room and Media Equipment Specifications

Room Size24' x 23'
Seating Capacity18
COVID Seating Capacity11
Maximum OccupancyTBD
Seating TypeVarious
Lighting TypeFluorescent on dimmers
Window TreatmentShades
Writing SurfaceMarkerboard–6 - 45" Sliding panes, Interactive display
Air ConditioningYes
Flooring TreatmentCarpet
Internet AccessEthernet, Wireless
DisplayDLP Data Projector, 46" HDTV (WXGA – 1280 x 800 native)
Projection Screen58" x 105", motorized
Video SourcesAirplay
Other Equipment
Auxiliary Inputs/Outputs
PA System
Wireless Mic Receiver
Assistive Listening SystemYes
Equipment Instructions
CommentsRevised 3/8/21

A committee will be assigning rooms in the Sakamaki Innovation Zone according to a configuration of factors. Two kinds of examples would be the number of students registered, and specific innovative practices. For more details, please visit our Submitting Proposals page.

D-102 Testimonials

Room Trouble?

Open M–F 8:00 am–4:30 pm.
Closed on weekends and state holidays.

Call 808-956-6978 for immediate help.

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Airplay passwords can be viewed using your Google account here.

Please Note: Photographs and videos of D101, D102, and D103 show a variety of different spacial arrangements and during various semesters, may be modified from what appears in any given photograph or video.