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About the New Faculty Orientation

The semi-annual New Faculty Orientation (NFO) program is designed to acquaint newcomers with resources and options available on the Mānoa Campus, as well as those in the community. New faculty are apprised of the diversity of our student body and the challenges of teaching in a multicultural academic environment. Over the years, OFDAS has taken a leadership role in organizing a program based on needs assessment studies of faculty.

This orientation program serves as a springboard for other OFDAS programs at the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) and the Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP) during the academic year. Many NFO participants continue with the faculty development services and attend our panels and workshops during the semester. A parallel orientation program is also available for teaching assistants (TA Training) and is sponsored by the OFDAS Center for Teaching Excellence.

Additionally, we look forward to meeting you at our other faculty events and services that support professional development and teaching practices throughout the spring semester and summer months. Those opportunities will appear on:

  1. Flyers posted around campus
  2. The Office of Faculty Development and Academic Support Events webpage
  3. UH Calendar of Events
  4. Emails directly to your UH email account from Announce@UH