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2022 UHM Teaching Awards

J. Blackwell

    Jennifer Blackwell 2022 Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching Dr. Jennifer Blackwell of the Department of Music employs Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in her teaching students in the music education program, students who will themselves become music teachers. These students benefit greatly from developing flexible knowledge, effective problem-solving skills, student-driven learning, collaboration,… Read More »J. Blackwell

    P. Kao

      Peiling Kao 2022 Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching Professor Peiling Kao of Theatre and Dance is a working artist whose teaching is driven by a concept of embodied cognition: that while mind connects with body, body influences mind, and by integrating the complementary pedagogies of both Taiwan and the… Read More »P. Kao

      W. Zhang

        Wei Zhang 2022 Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching Students of Professor Wei Zhang of the Department of Sociology describe her as an “inspiring professor with a wealth of knowledge.” “She radiates genuine positivity and optimism that undeniably motives us to cultivate our curiosity for learning and empowers us to… Read More »W. Zhang

        B. Smith-Konter

          Bridget Smith-Konter 2022 Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching Dr. Bridget Smith-Konter of Geophysics is masterful at connecting with students of all academic interests, abilities, learning styles and personal backgrounds. Her classes are dynamic learning experiences that mix lectures with interactive Q&A sessions highlighted with stunning still or animated imagery,… Read More »B. Smith-Konter

          J. Walguarnery

            Justin Walguarnery 2022 Frances Davis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Professor of Biology in the School of Life Sciences, Dr. Justin Walguarnery, has rarely had a semester he felt he could merely do what had been done before. “Science by its very nature necessarily entails doing what has never… Read More »J. Walguarnery

            D. Antolini

              Denise Antolini 2022 Robert W. Clopton Award for Distinguished Community Service Professor Denise Antolini of the William S. Richardson School of Law has contributed tirelessly for decades in the legal sphere in the name of conservation and environmental justice. She inspires, influences and provides tools and opportunities for generations of… Read More »D. Antolini

              S. Lozanoff

                Scott Lozanoff 2022 Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching Professor Scott Lozanoff of JABSOM Department of Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology is a creative teacher who exudes a passion for teaching and has been applying novel principles to the teaching of medical students prior to the COVID pandemic. When the pandemic infiltrated… Read More »S. Lozanoff

                P. Williams

                  Philip Williams 2022 Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching Dr. Philip Williams is an active successful researcher in the Department of Chemistry who believes that students finding their passion for life-long learning and intellectual curiosity lies at the heart of the role of a university. He strives to show students the… Read More »P. Williams

                  M. Butler

                    Marguerite Butler 2022 Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching Dr. Marguerite Butler, Department of Biology, teaches towards quantitative competency to demonstrate how small gains in skills translate into meaningful advances in scientific accomplishment. She encourages students to embrace abstraction, reasoning, and critical evaluation of ideas. Rather than featuring exams, a long-term… Read More »M. Butler

                    S. Paek

                      Seungoh Paek 2022 Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching For Professor Seungoh Paek of the Department of Learning Design and Technology, the overlap between what she researches and what she teaches provides tremendous opportunities to apply scholarship to her teaching practices. Students come to her courses with considerable real-world experience in… Read More »S. Paek