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SIZ Student Guidelines

Show respect for the grounded considerations that have gone into the guidelines that follow, they are based on responses of prior students and teachers in SIZ. These impacted on the arrangement and use of the three unique spaces, and have generated the guidelines you find here.

SIZ Support Team

Zone Rules and Security

Collegial Behavior in the Zone

  • Do not move furniture in SIZ spaces. Only small stools are movable, and not to be stacked.
  • Upon entry, remove shoes outside D101, D102, D103. These are the only teaching and learning spaces on campus currently designed for the floor to be used for sitting and working.
  • Outdoor courtyard tables and chairs are extensions of the three Innovation Zone classrooms (though they are also public areas):
  • Drinking water permitted; eating or drinking other beverages in Courtyard only;
  • When you remain after class to continue discussions with your teacher and other students, if there is a class immediately following yours, please move to the outdoor courtyard tables and chairs and enjoy that space;
  • Expect to wait in courtyard till your teacher arrives and opens your space. Teachers have been instructed to leave the rooms empty when they exit.
  • Rubbish cans are located outside the rooms. No rubbish enters or remains in the classrooms

Based on experiences by faculty who beta-tested The Zone in past semesters:

  • These rooms change the dynamics of students and faculty and as a result, students may stay after class to talk to you and to others. This caused problems for the next faculty entering to prepare to start their class. Be thoughtful of one another, exit by halfway through the gap time by moving conversations to the courtyard.
  • Cleaning writing surfaces well for the next person is your kuleana, so please remove the residue left by you and your students’ writing. Faculty and students ahead of you will be doing the same on your behalf. Students can and do assist in the cleaning of the writing surfaces in The Zone.


  • If any window is cracked open, the air conditioning shuts off. AC will not turn back on until all windows are closed.
  • Make sure all windows are secured before leaving class, even if you didn’t open them.


  • At end of class, verify all students are out of room before securing door.
  • Do not let students for next class enter. Their own instructor will do so.

Key Cards

  • Do not share keycards with anyone.
  • System tracks entry dates and times of each key card.


Proximity sensor turns on lights upon entry and shuts off 20 minutes after vacated.

Writing Areas (3)

  1. Sliding glass surfaces along windows
  2. White boards on backside of credenza monitors
  3. Wall-mounted white boards

Dry-erase Markers and Clean Up

Supplies are stored on or in credenza. Check slide out shelf
or inside lower credenza cabinet on the HDTV side.

  • Use only dry erase markers—they are provided. Let CTE know if they become dried out.
  • Use erasers for light clean up only—do not use spray cleaner with erasers.
  • Clean up at end of class with spray cleaner and microfiber cloths provided.
  • Wall writing requires end of class clean up with spray and micro cloths.
  • Clipboards are stored in credenza for use by students to support writing without tables.

For your own use, you may purchase whiteboard markers* recommended by faculty who found that green, orange, blue and black work best.

*Pilot BeGreen V Board Master Whiteboard Markers, Chisel Point, 5-Pack, Assorted Colors (VBMC5001-P)


Media Credenza

  • Remote control for the TV is attached to right side of credenza with Velcro.
  • VGA cable with audio and HDMI cable are provided beneath slide out shelf for laptop connection.
  • Use the remote control INPUT button to select between HDMI (INPUT 1) and VGA (PC IN) cables.
  • Laptop resolution should not exceed 1920 x 1080 (HDTV does not support higher resolutions).
  • If computer display appears cut off, use remote control’s “View Mode” button to set selection to “Dot by Dot.”

Electrical Outlets

  • Electrical wall outlets can be used by faculty and students.
  • Media credenza has four outlets below slide out shelf on the HDTV side.
  • Floor boxes with electrical outlets are scattered around the room. If students use these outlets, caution them to be mindful of cords and unclosed outlet covers as tripping hazards.

Data Projector (D102, D103 only)

  • Remote control for the data projector located in a basket below the projection screen switch.
  • VGA cable with audio and HDMI cable is located in corner of room to for laptop connections. Please coil and return cable.
  • If you do not see your device’s display projected, even after you’ve attached the proper cable or enabled AirPlay, please check that the correct input source is in use. Press the SOURCE button on the remote to switch inputs.
  • Adaptors to VGA or HDMI cables available through OFDAS, maximum 24-hour checkout.

Smart Interactive Display (D101 only)

  • A VGA cable and HDMI cable is available to connect your laptop.
  • Use the INPUT button located on the Smart Interactive Display pen tray to select desired input:
  1. HMDI cable (HDMI 1)
  2. AppleTV (HDMI 2)
  3. VGA cable (VGA 1)
  • While the SMART interactive display can support higher resolutions for best image quality, laptops should be set to 1280 x 800.
  • The USB cable bundled with both the HDMI and VGA cable is necessary in order to use the SMART Notebook software. The USB bundled with the VGA cable also carries audio to the projector.
  • Adaptors to the VGA or HDMI cables are available through OFDAS for a maximum 24-hour checkout.
  • Do not use the SMART interactive board as a white board.

AppleTV & AirPlay

An AppleTV has been installed for Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Windows users with compatible apps (like Air Parrot app, $10) to connect wirelessly through AirPlay.

The Airplay passwords are available on the hardcopy guide book available in all the SIZ rooms.

Information and Help

Room Trouble?

Open M–F 8:00 am–4:30 pm.
Closed on weekends and state holidays.

Call 808-956-6978 for immediate help.

Technology, equipment, lights, air conditioning, keycards:

Schedule and SIZ furniture:

Micro-fiber cloths, markers, spray, erasers:

Room Trouble?

Open M–F 8:00 am–4:30 pm.
Closed on weekends and state holidays.

Call 808-956-6978 for immediate help.

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