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How to Develop a Slow Productivity Practice in Academia

Monday, March 7, 2022
11:30 am–12:30 pm
Online Event

Academics can benefit from sustainable productivity practices and writing habits that take into account their overall wellbeing. FMP is teaming up with productivity coach and scholar Dr. Kate Litterer for a presentation on how and why academics should develop a personalized, more accessible approach to their productivity practices to mitigate burnout and overwhelm. Dr. Litterer will guide faculty in identifying individual resources such as focus, willpower, energy, and mental/physical health, and examine how these affect productivity.

The workshop will offer:

  • A brief analysis of contemporary productivity culture and obsession with efficiency
  • Short writing prompts to develop action steps
  • Strategies to redefine accomplishments to integrate individual, personalized approaches with professionalized expectations and goals

Visit Dr. Litterer’s website The Tending Year  for more information including about her book Tend to It: A Holistic Guide to Intentional Productivity.

Presented by

Dr. Kate Litterer, Productivity Coach and Independent Scholar

This event is sponsored by the OFDAS Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP).

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