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Broadening Our Conceptualization of Oral Communication

Alternative Tasks for Developing Oral Communication Competencies

Friday, January 28, 2022
11:30 am–12:45 pm
Online Event

A review of Oral (O) Focus courses at UH Mānoa reveals a range of oral communication competencies beyond the ability to deliver a traditional classroom presentation. This workshop, organized by the UH Mānoa Oral Communication (OC) Board, aims to broaden our view of the competencies that make up oral communication, and provide examples of oral activities that may support the development of such competencies. Invited presenters from across UH Mānoa will provide examples of discipline-specific oral communication activities, including:

  • Creative Expression
  • Discussion
  • Negotiation/Simulation
  • Presentation

For each form of oral communication discussed, the workshop will conclude with breakout discussions with presenters and OC Board members to elaborate on how each might be applied across different academic disciplines.

Presented by

List of presenters to be added soon.

This event is presented by the UHM Oral Communication Board and the OFDAS Center for Teaching Excellence

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