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Is a Fulbright in Your Future?
An Event for Faculty

Friday, April 22, 2022
11:30 am–12:45 pm
Online Event

The Fulbright program provides grants to over 100 countries for scholars, professionals, administrators and students. If you have wondered what it’s like to apply for and receive a Fulbright grant, join us for a lively discussion with colleagues and Fulbright scholars.

This event will focus on:

  • Application process
  • Fulbright grants in the Core Fulbright program
  • Newer shorter grants such as the Fulbright Senior Specialist and Flex Award programs

Presented by

Jay Hartwell
President, Fulbright Association, Hawai‘i Chapter
Fulbright Scholar, Vietnam
Retired, Student Services UH Mānoa

Dr. Kim Binsted
Information and Computer Sciences
Fulbright Specialist, Russia

Dr. Kathy Ferguson
Political Science and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Fulbright Scholar, Israel

Dr. Angel Yanagihara
Pacific Bioscience Research Lab
Fulbright Specialist, Ireland and Thailand

This event is sponsored by the OFDAS Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP).

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