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Going Beyond Zoom: Connecting & Interacting Using 3D Virtual Spaces and Spatial Audio Spaces

Tuesday, June 22, 2021
12:00 pm–1:15 pm
Online Event

Are you tired of being in the “Hollywood Squares” of Zoom meetings? Looking for a more immersive way to interact virtually with your students? Most educators are intimidated by the high skill and technical requirements of using 3-dimensional (3D) virtual worlds such as Second Life, OpenSim or Minecraft. However, the immersiveness and interactivity afforded by these 3D virtual spaces would greatly benefit learners especially in light of what we’ve experienced during the pandemic. Recent developments in 3D virtual spaces have made it very easy for both faculty and students to be together virtually.

Join us in this workshop to discover one such tool—Mozilla Hubs which allow educators and students to have virtual spaces that can help encourage community building. It’s a 3D virtual space that doesn’t require users to create an account and has spatial audio allowing student groupings where they can’t hear each other unless they come close and listen in. Additionally, we will explore 2D spatial audio virtual spaces that could be very useful, e.g. Gather.TownHigh

Presented by

Peter Leong, Department of Learning Design and Technology

This workshop is co-sponsored by the OFDAS Center for Teaching Excellence and Department of Learning Design and Technology.

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