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Come Play With Us!

A Workshop Series to Foster Creativity, Generate New Ideas, and Learn from New Perspectives.

Workshop 1: Tuesday, June 1, 2021
Workshop 2: Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Workshop 3: Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Workshops are 12:00 pm–1:15 pm
Online Events

A workshop series to foster creativity, generate new ideas, and learn from new perspectives.

These three hands-on workshops will lead participants in small groups through fast-paced interactive activities using creativity cards and visual whiteboards. Each workshop is unique, will feature different activities and dedicate time for sharing and making connections to your own teaching and learning environments. Join us for one workshop or all three! Our hope is for you to leave inspired with new ideas about how to incorporate these types of activities into your own learning spaces.

Workshop 1: Let’s Get Crazy!

Tuesday, June 1
12:00 pm–1:15 pm
Online (Zoom)

This workshop will use Google Slides to play Crazy 8’s, a game to leverage group creativity. You might be surprised at how the counterintuitive practice of applying constraints to idea generation can open up new lines of thinking.

Workshop 2: Let’s Challenge That!

Tuesday, June 8
12:00 pm–1:15 pm
Online (Zoom)

This workshop will use Jamboard in an activity designed to challenge (invisible) assumptions, break from thinking habits and open up new possibilities. 

Participants will experience a mini technology melt-down during this session and see how they do with their new skills! This will invite more empathy for ourselves and be a lot of fun as we navigate this brave new world of teaching in 2021!

Workshop 3: Let’s Switch Shoes!

Tuesday, June 15
12:00 pm–1:15 pm
Online (Zoom)

This workshop will use creativity cards to encourage empathy, learn from other perspectives, and practice divergent thinking.

Presented by

Ari Eichelberger & Grace Lin, Department of Learning Design and Technology

This workshop is co-sponosered by the OFDAS Center for Teaching Excellence and Department of Learning Design and Technology.