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Place Names of Hawai‘i

    A Hawaiian-English dictionary of over 4000 place names and their cultural significance from throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

    Hawaiki Rising

      The story of Nainoa Thompson and the many others who were involved in the Hōkūle‘a’s journey to retrace ancient voyaging routes.

      Hānau Ka Ua: Hawaiian Rain Names

        A comprehensive collection of Hawaiian rain names and their associated oral tradition and literature, including hula, mele & mo‘olelo.

        Sites of Oahu

          Compilation of pre-European archeological and historical sites and legends throughout O‘ahu

          Water and the Law in Hawaiʻi

            Provides a legal and intellectual framework for understanding both the past and future of Hawai‘i’s freshwater resources.

            The Moʻolelo Hawaiʻi of Davida Malo

              A critical preservation of Hawaiian Ethnography, describing the culture, traditions, government, history, cosmology and religion of pre-Christian Hawai‘i.

              Indigenous Methodologies

                Examines the theoretical basis of indigenous higher education methodologies, offering practical guidance to those conducting their research using indigenous methodologies.

                Braiding Sweetgrass

                  Brings together scientific and indigenous knowledge about plants through Native American and Western scientific lenses