Zachery Trimble


Assistant Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
College of Engineering

Discovery is at the heart of teaching for Professor Zachery Trimble of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Through teaching practices based on the Feynman Technique, he generates discovery, nourishes passion and stimulates curiosity in students, enabling them to develop critical thinking competency. One student writes that “His course reminded me of why I wanted to be an engineer in the first place and has raised my expectations for the quality of my own work.“ This is attained through Dr. Trimble’s practice of relating to students as if they are the engineers they will eventually become, a pedagogical device requiring significant effort. “I act as chief technology officer or boss of an engineering company and treat students as newly hired engineers” working in teams to prepare project proposals for “a company” where problems and projects are kept on track and on time and students participate in stand-up meetings to report on progress. This heightens learning and strengthens confidence enabling students to take ownership of their own progress and “transition from being told what to do and how to do it, to defining their own tasks and really understanding their significance in the context of a project.” Students offer examples of how Professor Trimble’s commitment to them precedes their entry into engineering and continues after graduation and colleagues praise his commitment to education, one stating that “These innovative approaches contribute to the Department’s initiatives in integrating research and education.” Dr. Zachery Trimble demonstrates a passion for teaching that extends to publishing on teaching excellence and in his role as Co-PI in a research and training grant that brought Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) educational pedagogy to Mānoa.

Department of Mechanical Engineering