Stephanie Buelow


Institute for Teacher Education,
College of Education

Professor Stephanie Buelow of the Institute for Teacher Education in the College of Education is a professor of literacy and by all accounts, extraordinary at what she does. She views her role as a critical literacy teacher educator as to model how literacy can empower citizens in a democratic society. To this end, she motivates students to sustain the practice of thinking with two hats, that of a teacher and that of a student. Dr. Buelow continuously reflects on her own role in preparing knowledgeable, caring and effective educators and strive to model excellence in teaching in all aspects of her own instruction. Her deep commitment to cohorts working in field-based courses creates many hours outside regular teaching duties to build and maintain strong partnerships with administrators and teachers in the community. It involves close work with each teacher candidate in lesson planning, observation of them teaching in the field, meeting with them weekly or bi-weekly at their field-based placement to support professional acculturation into the teaching profession, planning and facilitating seminars and arranging for guest speakers to infuse the learning with place- based and cultural-based experiences to support the candidates in a sense of place unique to Hawai’i. A resource teacher who works with in service teachers in the community entered the Literacy Specialist Program after teaching for 24 years and writes that “Dr. Buelow is an inspiring and transformative teacher who has helped me grow professionally as well as personally. Beyond how she inspires me as a learner, I admired her approach to teaching teachers. As a parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum. Would be thrilled if my child’s teachers were exposed to Dr. Buelow’s belief that all students can learn if the teacher believes in the ability of the students and thoughtfully design the learning processes.” Her colleagues credit her with significant contributions to the department and college in the areas of course and program development, field-based cohort coordination and supervision, and co-teaching. One states Dr. Stephanie Buelow is “an emerging literacy scholar whose teaching informs her scholarship and her research informs her teaching, and her service commitments close the circle.”

Institute for Teacher Education