Randall Minas


Assistant Professor,
Information Technology Management,
Shidler College of Business

Dr. Randall K. Minas of the Shidler College of Business brings a new area of expertise to undergraduate majors in Management Information Systems, that is, how to analyze the neurophysiological and psychophysiological responses of users of information technology. In a highly technical area of study unfamiliar to Mānoa with topics not yet covered in textbooks, Professor Minas has twice been awarded “Shidler Professor of the Semester” during his first semesters of teaching, considered an “amazing performance” by his colleagues. His colleagues attribute the doubling in student enrollment in this major to the teaching rapport of Dr. Minas with his students. Professor Minas finds that effective teaching involves fostering students who deeply consider concepts from differing perspectives and intertwining this learning with experience, to come to an understanding. Two highly effective tools that engender team-based learning are to engage student in learning through small group case studies and scenarios, and through team quizzes. This expedites effective teamwork, heightens performance, and emphasizes learning as a process rather than an outcome and ultimately, students come to know why an answer is correct. Students appreciate that in a class of forty students, Professor Minas devises a wide-ranging set of learning assessment tools so that he can personalize his mentoring process, because “students with different personalities need different assessment techniques.” His attentiveness to student success extends beyond the classroom, helping many students focus on applying for relevant positions and developing strategies for success in the marketplace. By involving students from the outset of a course with meaningful assignments such as interviewing a professional in the field, Dr. Minas creates an immediate sense of engagement. Professor Randall K. Minas follows the dictum to “lead by example and take care of those I lead.” An advanced graduate student expresses three characteristics that enable him to accomplish this and to bring out the best in students: his collaborative teaching style, his patience, and his optimism. “Among the stars in the UH faculty constellation, Dr. Minas is certainly one of the brightest and this is a humble attempt to express my gratitude for all he has done.”

Information Technology Management