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Sean Forté

Sean Forté

Japanese, East Asian Languages and Literatures

Sean Forté was born and raised in Virginia, but came to the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa as an undergrad to study Japanese. He received his B.A. in Japanese in 2009, and his M.A. in Japanese Language and Linguistics, with a focus on pedagogy, in 2013. As a Ph.D. Candidate in Japanese Language and Linguistics (Pedagogy), he is currently working on his dissertation. Sean is also a full-time Instructor of Japanese.

Sean’s academic and research interests center on Dialogism, Sociocultural Theory, and Language Socialization, specifically, vis-à-vis curriculum design, course objectives, materials development, instructional methodologies, and classroom practices, interaction, and discourse. Sean aims to integrate theory and practice, and to guide learners through the journey and adventure of language learning, opening their eyes and minds to society and culture, people and the communities they belong to, and the language that connects it all together.

Over his years in Hawai‘i, Sean has come to love the people, communities, and nature of the islands, and hopes to continue contributing to it all as much as possible throughout the future.