The Office of Faculty Development and Academic Support (OFDAS) welcome all faculty, colleges, and departments to participate in eCAFE, an entirely online evaluation system. With eCAFE everything from setting the questions, to the students taking the surveys, to viewing the results is done online at: eCAFE is a campus-wide evaluation option for understanding how courses and instructions are perceived on the Mānoa campus, for assisting faculty gathering evidence of course and student satisfaction, and for eliciting student suggestions on developing a better course. eCAFE offers customized evaluation questionnaires from a bank of more than 330 rating and open-ended items.

Benefits to eCAFE include:
No more filling out forms to put the same questions on your evaluation each semester. eCAFE lets you copy survey questions from one semester to another with a click of a button.

Instant results: get your results back shortly after grades are due.
Save class time: no more giving up the last 15 minutes right before finals to administer the evaluation. Students would rather have more time to review.
Stored results: survey results are stored indefinitely.
Send results: survey results can be sent to department chairs and colleagues and published online.

A college/department may opt to set up an account to manage eCAFE for their faculty. With an account the college/department can select a set of questions to appear on all surveys and decide whether faculty participation is mandatory or optional.

If your organization would like to use eCAFE this semester, please contact prior to the Staff Setup period so we may set up an account for you. It is strongly recommended for each department to have at least two eCAFE contact persons. The contact persons will be able to assist with the coordination of this service and we would appreciate your response with their names and contact information if you have not done so already.

All faculty (even those in a college/department that does not have an account) may participate in eCAFE by logging into the eCAFE’s website during the Instructor’s Setup period and turning on surveys for their course(s). In the past some faculty were not able to participate due to lack of information so please share this information with all your faculty.

eCAFE Schedule:

For more information:
eCAFE FAQ page
Visual Walkthroughs
View a list of all questions
View Published Results

If you have any questions or problems with the system:
UH Manoa (general inquiries):
UH Manoa (issues with Banner data: missing/erroneous course, section, instructor, etc.):

Best wishes and good luck using eCAFE.


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