Vickery Lebbin


Library Services

In her role as a teaching librarian at Hamilton Library, Vicky Lebbin’s goal is for students to gain an understanding of what sources are, why they matter, and how to use them ethically and convincingly. She strives to create a learning environment where students experience the positive impact the University Libraries and information literacy can have on their education. In this spirit, Lebbin’s pedagogy is student-centered with an emphasis on active learning, incorporating student perspectives into course content, using hand-on activities to provide experiential learning, and engaging in social media and educational technology. Because her role requires an ability to effectively teach students in courses that span the curriculum, she tailors the themes of her teaching and her real world examples to an immense diversity of academic disciplines. A colleague teaching an inter-disciplinary research and methods of inquiry course describes Ms. Lebbin’s exceptional influence on students in facilitating learning in both large groups and with individuals. Her Manoa library colleagues speak of her reputation “statewide for building the finest undergraduate library instruction program in the State of Hawaii, and nationally as a leader in, and innovative thinker and practitioner of, library instruction.” A UH System colleague expresses high regard for Ms. Lebbin’s commitment to student learning outcomes and assessment in “developing better ways to help students learn information literacy and critical thinking skills by using meaningful and informative assessment techniques.” By employing student-centered teaching methods, Ms. Lebbin has built a highly successful program within the library to serve undergraduate and graduate students in a range of disciplines, and in so doing plays a direct and critical role in educating and influencing hundreds of students every year. In her recognition of the value of personal interaction with a librarian as significant factor in bringing students to the library and to the complex realm of research, Ms. Lebbin strives for positive learning environments that alleviate students’ fears and enable them to develop genuine competence in research. Vickery Lebbin believes that “librarians provide unique perspectives on the research process. My goal is to help students discover the many sides to an issue and evaluate and use these various perspectives in the classroom and beyond.”

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