Jeffrey Kuhn


Institute for Astronomy

Jeff Kuhn is an astronomer with the Institute for Astronomy. He is a physicist who joined UH in 1998 to study the sun. He is internationally recognized for improving our understanding of the global properties of the sun, its mean structure, rotation and the physics of its variability. On Haleakalā, he built a telescope that measures the weak magnetism of the sun’s outer atmosphere. This unusual instrument demonstrates how the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope, now under construction on Haleakalā, will revolutionize our understanding of the inconstant sun’s effect on the Earth. He currently works on optical concepts that may someday enable large, next-generation instruments to detect signatures of life on nearby exoplanets. He is also a vocal advocate for university efforts to engage non-academic partners with academic researchers in order to create useful technologies.

Institute for Astronomy