Albert Kim


Associate Professor,
College of Engineering

Professor Albert S. Kim of Civil and Environmental Engineering is described by a student as a “once-in- a-generation mentor, professor and teacher, inspiring the next generation of engineers and leaders” and as “instrumental in unlocking my potential and find my calling.” It is evident that Dr. Kim makes the complex field of engineering accessible and fun, creating a sense of community and belonging in the classroom. Dr. Kim reflects upon going beyond the conventional in teaching and learning, towards developing closer and life-long relationships with students, starting on Day One. He has observed that if students open their minds to their instructor within the first three weeks, there are tremendous benefits for the entire remainder of the semester. In the first assignment, students are asked to write “About me and my education,“ about which Professor Kim affirms: “I really enjoy reading about their past and present, and their future aspirations in career directions, and try my best to remember these accounts.” He attends with greater focus to students who are initially lagging by “sending emails and holding special meetings to identify their problems together, whether academic or personal.” He would like to produce “academically mature students, able to face and tackle complex practical problems with technological honesty, sincerity and creativity . . . at every moment, I aim to touch their future with seemingly unlimited responsibility.” A former graduate student reflects on how Dr. Kim “seamlessly integrates contemporary research and his personal work within the context of his courses. Dr. Kim has developed and implemented his own text for one course, and his blog site and ample external resources are tremendous additions.” All this has resulted in “truly innovative courses, comprehensive in scope.” A former graduate teaching assistant expresses the sentiment that “Professor Kim’s teachings are forever etched in my heart because he interweaves the relevance and ubiquity of engineering in students’ daily lives.” To his students, Dr. Albert Kim is an ideal faculty member, a passionate academic, a patient teacher, a pioneer researcher and a professional role model.

Civil and Environmental Engineering