Roger Babcock


College of Engineering

Since 1995, Dr. Roger Babcock has been teaching in the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CE) department with a joint-appointment in the Water Resources Research Center. He is very proud to be called an educator of the next generation of civil engineers, “Of all the things we do as faculty, the thing that lasts, our legacy, is the students that we taught.” Students appreciate his innovative approaches to teaching, including flipped classroom and design thinking models of instruction. A professional engineer, he brings his expertise in licensure to the role of educator through his eight-week review course. Students review his conference presentations to stimulate questions and interest, and sponsorship of three Native Hawaiians CE students to attend a national conference focused on introducing future leaders to the field led to all three entering this field of engineering. A recent graduate working in the community writes: “It is not hyperbolic to say that no singular person has as much effect on the future of civil engineering in Hawai’i as Dr. Roger Babcock.”

College of Engineering