Noenoe Silva


Department of Political Science

The teaching of Professor Noenoe Silva of the Department of Political Science is centered in Kanaka intellectual history and thought. Professor Silva offers courses in Hawaiian language, and contributes greatly to the University’s mission as an Indigenous-serving institution. A colleague provides examples of her mentorship of graduate students in applying for and presenting papers at conferences, and co-leading three-day writing retreats with PhD students during the proposal writing. A profound outcome of her mentorship has been in directing and participating in dissertations written entirely in ‘Olelo Hawai’i. A student refers to her as Kumu, “a source, a foundation, a teacher and a mentor, as well as the trunk of a tree, whose lālā, or branches, can reach new heights because of the foundation and support they provide as the trunk. The branches stemming from her are plentiful, and they continue to grow and sprout new branches of their own, exemplifying the sharing and spreading of knowledge that lies at the heart of this University.”

Department of Political Science