Katie Drager


Associate Professor,
College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature

Professor Katie Drager in the Department of Linguistics teaches in the area of sociolinguistics and phonetics, uniquely combining experimental and ethnographic methods. Her pedagogy is grounded in a constructivist method of guiding students towards command of their own learning and a research-based method guiding students to engage directly with linguistic theory through problem-solving and research. In her Pidgin and Creole Languages course, native speaking students connect their own histories to scholarly learning, engendering critical, independent learning. Dr. Drager’s enthusiasm for her field and for student learning is contagious. Her colleagues recognize her dedication to the department and that her inspired teaching influences many to shift to sociophonetics, followed by a subsequent expanding workload to serve increasing numbers of students. A student writes, “When Professor Drager responds to your work, you feel the unique kind of confidence that comes from having a strong, successful, sincere source of support,” leading to outcomes for undergraduate students whose work is published or who become co-authors on papers and at prestigious conference presentations.

College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature