Kathleen Sands


Department of American Studies

Dr. Kathleen Sands in American Studies is described by a colleague as uniquely gifted in teaching and mentoring students with “her razor-sharp intellect, deep ethical engagements and exceptional generosity of spirit.” To study theology and its intersections with law, ethics, and gender in America with Professor Sands means that tolerance of difference expands in proportion to the level of religious literacy. Students experience religion as amenable to scholarly study as other dimensions of culture and that to learn about religions in an academic context requires complex, multi-layer thinking. Through this, students feel enriched and become empowered. Every assignment by Professor Sands is an exercise in “perspective-taking,” or as one undergraduate student describes it, like “playing a solitary game of Devil’s advocate.” A colleague observes that Dr. Sands teaching: “furthers the potential for respectful public dialogue and a meaningful public life.” It is not unusual for students to feel “I did not want this class to end…everyone was completely into the subject and discussions [were] like I have never experienced.”

Department of American Studies