Karla Sierralta


Assistant Professor,
School of Architecture

Professor Karla Sierralta of the School of Architecture arrived at Mānoa in 2016 to teach design studios in “a Hawaiian Place of Learning, offering me opportunities to reflect on my pedagogy and practice, to become a student again.” For three years she’s continued studies at Halau Hula O Maiki, learning about “where I live that ultimately informs my teaching and my work.” A teaching assistant writes, “she embodies a’o aku, a’o mai,” in which teacher and students engage in reciprocal teaching-learning. Professor Sierralta approaches each course as she would a new design project through research, analysis, synthesis and testing unfolding in multiple iterations and adjustments for each new grouping of students. Her studio teaching frequently expands spectacularly into community projects, providing her students opportunities to contribute to their communities. A senior colleague taking a long view of the teaching enterprise writes “Few teachers with whom I’ve worked exhibit more insight into this highly critical, inaugural moment in the noble arc of professional education than Professor Karla Sierralta.”

School of Architecture