Howard Shen


Department of Microbiology

In service to his aspiration to teach in ways he wished he had been taught, students of Dr. Howard Shen of Microbiology relish his spirited use of analogies, props, personal anecdotes and jokes. They demonstrate great ease and comfort asking questions, approaching him as mentor or coach in their learning and coming to his office hours. They write that, “Dr. Shen makes going to lecture something I look forward to.” A teaching intern observes his practice of learning student names each time they ask a question or they interact, thereafter using their names and “giving each student their own individuality and importance.” His teaching philosophy involves working as much with department colleagues, college administrators, KOKUA Program and academic advisors to create and strengthen cohesive curriculum, bridges between programs and pathways for student success. An advisor writes, “Not all faculty are willing to assume such responsibilities and even fewer enhance their knowledge [in these areas].” An MA student writes that “Dr. Shen’s dedication to science spreads across the classroom, and his lessons remain learned for life.”

Department of Microbiology