Grieg Steward


School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology

Dr. Grieg Steward in the Department of Oceanography considers it a joy and privilege to be able to make a living as a perpetual student. His large undergraduate course with a wide range of majores, Science of the Sea, requires access to local and global communities and engages with interests outside of the sciences. Aware of inspiration that marine life provides to artists, architects, and musicians, Professor Steward imbues his teaching with “unexpected confluences among viruses, the perception of beauty, and the growth and collapse of an economic bubble.” A graduate student writes, “What really set him apart was his classroom affect, he brings an undeniably high affect and thus sets the tone for his lectures.” His pedagogical approach towards the presentation of material is a form of theatre that incorporates audio, static and moving images, interactive graphs, live demonstrations, and his moving through the lecture hall bridging distances between himself and students. An undergraduate student writes, “When I look back on my college years and my professors, I will remember him.”

School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology