Charlotte Frambaugh-Kritzer


College of Education

Charlotte Frambaugh-Kritzer, professor of Secondary Education in Reading in the College of Education strives as a teacher educator to present a balance of theory, research and practice in engaging and innovative ways. Her pedagogy incorporates Social Justice Standards and literacy strategies that include: rich discussion, critical thinking and writing, media, applicable assignments and technology. One of Professor Frambaugh-Kritzer’s great strengths is the ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice. A student describes her, “a visual designer of learning experiences.” A colleague observes her teaching is based on “a foundation of discipline and hard work, a fine-tuned perception of people, a keen intelligence, and a passion for teaching.” She sets very high expectations for herself as director, teacher and researcher and then leads by example. Graduate students say, “She showed me what respect looks like in education,” and “She curates a culture and climate in which everyone learns from one another, all collaborating in the co-creation of new knowledge. The community developed in our ITE401 transformed the student experience.”

College of Education