Anna Feuerstein


Associate Professor,
College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature

Professor Anna Feuerstein of the English Department provides students with a deep awareness of literary traditions while analyzing cultural productions—novels, films, paintings—within their social, historical, and political contexts. Since arriving at Mānoa in 2014, she has expanded her repertoire to texts representative of the Pacific. She provides historical contexts, grounds the discussions in the texts while using a wide range of creative multi-media as illumination, and then positions herself as a thinker alongside them. In this way, Dr. Feuerstein demonstrates her investment in each student’s growth, generating a sense of self-worth and pride, encouraging them to sustain their learning. A colleague speaks of the department entrusting to Professor Feuerstein the mentoring of first-year graduate teaching assistants to prepare them to teach their own introductory literature courses. Rather than seeking to master the art of teaching, Dr. Anna Feuerstein strives to master the ability to continually develop her teaching, to developing courses that are more creative, relevant and reflective of developments in the fields of literary and cultural studies.

College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature