Alison Nugent


Associate Professor,
School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology

When Professor Alison Nugent of Atmospheric Sciences in SOEST teaches her writing-intensive ATMO 305 course, three elements of the course are aligned with her scholarship—experimental design, computer coding, and writing. Students speak of gaining “a sense of community and collaborative learning, instead of competition.” In that spirit, she has had great success in treating students as her equals, to allow her genuine excitement and interest in atmospheric science shine through. She uses collaborative coursework as preliminary results for grant proposals, with attribution of all appropriate credit to students for their contributions, a tremendous advantage in navigating future professional paths. Another connection to student scholarship within Dr. Nugent’s courses is demonstrated in the creation of an Open Educational Resource (OER) textbook for the ATMO 200 course, a free text to students and the public, funded by Outreach College with the draft written by students under her guidance. An undergraduate student rates her course as one of: “the most influential classes I have ever taken in my 4.5 years of study.”

School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology