Karyl Garland


Department of English

Karyl Garland of the Department of English is carrying on a family legacy in her teaching and in that spirit, identifies that “the concept of storytelling is interwoven throughout my teaching philosophy.” She takes the dictum that proposes it is the ability to reason that sets humans from other creatures and replaces it with a proposition that it is our ability to tell stories. In the spirit of place-based education, she begins the element of storytelling with a Personal Narrative asking them to recall a place of significance, to evoke an atmosphere in which “learners become part of a community greater than their own and recognize themselves within that community as individual of extraordinary value.” Her courses include Business Writing, Introductory and Advanced Composition, Honor’s English and Professional Editing and students experience the classroom environment she creates as “ebullient,” not only because of her passion or extensive experience and knowledge of editing but her commitment to students and her accessibility. “After taking her class, I understand the importance of writing well…I am enthusiastic about working hard to become the best writer that I can be.” Utilizing her expertise with editorial work, she introduces students to the art of professional editing and publishing. Her pedagogy centers on how analysis strengthens writing and she builds community in the classroom. Beyond the classroom and her courses, Ms. Garland inspires her students’ future opportunities. Former students attribute their successes outside the university to “the form of professionalism she embodied as a teacher,” and at a deeper level, her contributions “to build trust in myself and my abilities” that create transformational experiences in students.

Department of English