Janet Uyehara


Assistant Professor,
School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene

Professor Janet Uyehara of the School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene engages with students interactively through concept-based experience, case study sessions, iClicker activity, voice over PowerPoint slide presentations, simulation lab and debriefing sessions, and the postpartum childbearing teaching project. In the case of voice over PowerPoint slides, students prepare for class by viewing and listening and adding their notes, able to create a pace that works for them or repeat listening to support their learning. Then in class, Professor Uyehara discusses the more difficult topics and students are encouraged to challenge and ask questions for clarification and illumination. She has collaborated with two other maternal newborn faculty to develop, implement and update simulation scenarios, whereby students learn the content and care in class first and then apply it to the simulation lab experience. These scenarios use high fidelity technology manikins who move and actually give birth. Students express that these scenarios enhance how they perform in clinical, where they will utilize their critical thinking skills more effectively. Through these innovative approaches, student interest and abilities increase and along with that, they experience the joys, realities and challenges of this field of nursing. Professor Uyehara is recognized by her colleagues for being an expert obstetric nurse models the highest quality of patient care to her students and to nursing staff. A colleague states that “Her many years of experience and wisdom have served as a constant source of inspiration.” Students often comment on who Professor Janet Uyehara puts first; some say she puts students first and others say she puts patients first, and either way they all agree she exemplifies excellence, innovation, dedication, and leadership.

School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene