Jing Guo


Associate Professor,
Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work

Teaching social policy in the Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work, Professor Jing Guo recognizes that it is difficult but critical to challenge students’ assumptions and perspectives and reflects that “In an intellectually safe space, I am able to encourage all students to participate in learning while recognizing the differences in their background and experience.” Most students entering social work show strong interest in areas other than policy-making, but department colleagues note a dramatic upsurge in interest in Dr. Guo’s specialty after students take her courses. She inspires them to engage at the policy level in order to impact hundreds if not thousands at a time, rather than their initially preferred one-on-one work with clients. Her colleagues state that “She keeps the content real. When the students take her class, they see themselves covered in the content; it is their world they see.” Professor Guo is recognized as the top faculty for innovative approaches that become the standard for faculty who follow in her footsteps. She is seen as a leader in the School and a cornerstone of the BSW Program by her department as well as nationally in the creation of a curriculum guide for addressing policy work in the field of social work. Internationally, she has been collaborating in developing a China summer service learning course where six cohorts of 19 students in social work serve in an orphanage in China for five weeks. Students indicate this was one of their most profound experiences and that Dr. Guo provides extraordinary opportunities for them. A former graduate student states that “the relationship Professor Guo establishes with her students is one of genuine respect and I especially appreciated her attitude towards the doctoral students. She told us that she viewed us as future colleague and then treated her as such. The professional development that I experienced under her mentorship unequivocally established my success as a graduate student and as a doctoral student.”

Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work